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Quilting Products Combustion Rate Tester

Quilting Products Combustion Rate Tester

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Fire hazards exist everywhere in our daily life. In order to reduce fire accidents due to the flame spread of flammable materials and thus decrease the harm to people’s life and treasure caused by that, the quilting products combustion rate tester draws high attention. The instrument is designed by adopting the latest technology, suitable for measuring the flame spread rate on samples when the quilting product is ignited by the specified ignition flame.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
chamber dimension 65cm×65cm×70cm, stainless steel
Combustion timing range 0-999.9s,  accuracy:0.1s
Ignition time 30s, accuracy:0.1s
Ignitor diameter internal diameter 10mm
Sample size 30×36(cm)
Sample holder 3mm stainless steel concaved holder
Distance from the ignitor’s top to the sample 19mm
Distance between  the two marker lines 25cm
Flame height 38mm

FZ/T 81005-2006  Quilting products. Appendix D. The combustion rate test method .

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