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mercury porosimeter

mercury porosimeter

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Mercury / non-mercury porosimeter is a multi-purpose precision instrument for measuring pore size distribution, total pore volume, bulk density of surface area, solid and powder and absolute density. With unlimited user-defined data points, automated data collection and reduction, mercury / non-mercury mercury porosimeters are safe, reliable and accurate equipment relative to the use of mercury  porosimeter on the market.
 Applicable Test
 · Overall pore volume
· Mean pore diameter
· Pore distribution
· Particle size distribution
· Porosimetry  surface area
· Volume density
· Absolute density
Mercury / non-mercury porosimeter is an excellent R&D tool. The instrument can be used in various industries from automobile manufacturing, pharmacy to paper industry. Mercury / non-mercury porosimeter can test samples such as brake pad, catalyst converter material, coating paper and the initial form of powder.
Applicable industries:
Automobile manufacturing       Battery separator   
Ceramics            Chemistry                 
Filtration             Fuel cell
Paper industry    Pharmacy    Powder metallurgy

· Compatible with Windows 95 or higher version.
· Graphical display of the test status and test results during the operation.
· About 2h test duration
· Samples of wide ranges of sizes and types are usable.
· Multiple sample chambers available.
· Less maintenance required.
· No need to transfer samples from low pressure station to high pressure station. Automatically replenish mercury and cleaning.
 · All stainless steel structure, corrosion resistance, automation control, simple operation.
· Wide range of application.
· Unlimited user-defined data points, automated data collection and reduction, less mercury exposure, safety, reliability and accuracy.
· Unlimited user-defined data points based on pressure, volume and coalition. Simultaneous display insert and ejection curve.
· Microsoft software processes all control, measurement, data collection and report output. And manual operation is allowed.

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Pore size range 0.0035-500μm
Surface area range 1-100m2/g
Sample size 2.7cmH×2cmD
Pressure range Vacuum-60000psi
Pressurized gas Air or isopropyl alcohol
Pressure transducer range 0-60000psi
Resolution 1/60000
Accuracy 0.25% of reading
Power 110/220VAC,50/60Hz(other power source available)
Dimension 72〞H×30〞W×30〞D
Weight 400lbs


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