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High Throughput Membrane Testing Equipment

High Throughput Membrane Testing Equipment

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The concept of High Throughput (HT) allows running multiple tests in parallel ensuring reproducible experimental conditions (e.g. pressure, temperature, etc.), which is essential to obtain reliable results and be able to compare them.
Moreover, in membrane-based separation technologies the physicochemical characteristics of the membrane and its performance depend strongly on both compositional (e.g. solvents, polymer concentration, additives, etc.) and non compositional parameters (e.g. evaporation time and temperature, annealing time, etc.) involved in membrane synthesis and post treatment. Multi-parameter screening and optimization of these variables often requires high time, effort and capital investment.
In collaboration with The Center for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,  POROMETER has developed a range of HT instruments dedicated to serve membrane researchers. The range of instruments includes both membrane preparation tools as well as membrane  filtration equipment for liquid and gas separations
◆ Compared to the traditional approach of running individual tests, HT offers the following advantages:
◆ Miniaturization: scaling down of sample size, reduction of costs and waste streams.
◆ Reproducible conditions between replicates: reduction on standard statistical errors. 1,2
◆ Automation: adapted to the desired/required degree
◆ Simultaneous multiple tests: faster screening and more rapid optimization.

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