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Advanced multi-specification fuel water separator test station

Advanced multi-specification fuel water separator test station

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This test stand, meets ISO 16332,SAE J1488 and SAE J1839 standards, is an unattended automatic system for testing fuel /water separators on diesel engines.
This system uses automatic injection, sound wave degradation and titration system, with high precision and high reproducibility.

Items Parameters
Flow range 1-25 Lpm
Flow precision (double flow meter) 0.1%
Temperature control ±2ºC
Static pressure control 0-140 kPa ±14 kPa (0-20 psig ±2 psig)
Pressure difference control 1-260 hPa ±1 hPa (0-4 psi ±0.15 psi)
Fuel tank capacity 325 L
Fuel tank export configuration SAE & ISO
Tank capacity 15 L
Box and poping materials Stainless steel
Bleaching earth modulation circuit Included
Optional fuel preparation 75 L,Attached bleaching earth treatment system

Circuits analysis
Items Parameters
Auto-injection &Auto-titration Real-Time Results
Reproducibility 2%±0.1%
Water content titration measurement system Reproducibility 0.3%

Water circuits
Items Parameters
Ionic water supply rate 0.9 Lpm
Metering pump injection Automatic Accurate proportional  control
Injection rate 1.0-576 mLpm
Filter grade 30 ppm @ 25 Lpm w/ drainage
Optional water collection car 75 L

UI,Controller and DAS
Items Parameters
CPU Dell OptiPlex w/ Intel Core™ Processor
Operation sytem Microsoft Windows 7
UI 22" LCD Display,Keyboard and Mouse
I/O Hardware Platform  CompactRIO
Application Custom NI LabView executable w/ graphical displays,满足 ISO 16332, SAE J1488 & SAE J1839 procedures
Data Output Output test reports,xlsx files in tables and charts

Operating Requirement
Items Parameters
Power Supply 480 Vac/3Ph/ 60Hz/25A (International Voltage Available)
Tap-Water 1.0 Lpm @ 400-700 kPa (.26 gpm @60-100 psig)
Colling Water Customization
Compressed Air 0.14 m3/min @ 550 kPa (5 cfm @ 80 psig), Dry and Oil free
Ventilation Installation 150mm (6") Connect
Environment Temperature 10-40 ℃ (50-104℉)
Noise Output 82 dBA

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