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Phenom Desktop SEM

Phenom Desktop SEM

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With its market-leading Phenom desktop SEM, Phenom-World enables engineers, researchers and educational professionals to stay competitive in a world where critical dimensions are continuously getting smaller. All Phenom desktop SEM systems give direct access to high-resolution and high-quality imaging and analysis required in a large variety of applications.
From the entry level pure series through to the high-end pro series, all Phenom electron microscopes share ease of use, unmatched time to results, and worry-free system ownership. The Phenom pure series is the most economical solution for high-resolution imaging. The Phenom pro series provides images at an even higher magnification and resolution while maintaining ease of use. With the Phenom ProX with a fully integrated and specifically designed EDS detector the Phenom pro series enables integrated, powerful EDS microanalysis to complete the optical performance of the SEM-range.
Any Phenom system can be tailored to suit application and sample needs by choosing one of the many Pro Suite-based software solutions or specially designed hardware accessories.

The Phenom is designed as a professorial tool for researchers and engineers; it requires very little training to operate, it has an intuitive user interface with advanced touch screen technology, sample handling tools are very robust, there is no risk of damaging the interior of the tool and the quality of the images is superb. Next to this Phenom can be equipped with a SW suite which makes measurements on the Phenom Images easy and reproducible.
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