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Point-to-point Resistance Tester

Point-to-point Resistance Tester

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The point-to-point resistance tester is used to detect the point-to-point resistance rate of anti-static work clothes, which is suitable for class A and b-class anti-static work clothes. The principle is to add test voltage 100 V to test samples for total 15 s. The weak current flowing through the sample is sampled and amplified by the standard resistance and read on the high impedance meter. The figures show the resistance value directly, with high accuracy, quick display, good stability and easy reading.
Operation Principle
 According to ohm's law, the tested resistance Rx is equal to the applied voltage V divided by the current I. The traditional high impedance meter works by measuring the fixed voltage V, and the resistance value is get by measuring the current I that flows through the sampling resistor. As can be seen from the ohm's law, since the current (I) is inversely proportional to the resistance rather than directly proportional, so the display value of resistance is nonlinear. Namely when the resistance is infinite, the current is zero, and the zero level at the header is ∞. The scale interval is very close with a very low resolution, so the whole scale is nonlinear. The voltage V also changes due to the measurement of different resistance, so the normal high resistance meter is low in accuracy with low resolution.
The point-to-point resistance tester measures the voltage V at the two ends of the resistance and the current I flowing through the resistor at the same time. Through the large scale integrated internal circuit, the calculation of voltage divided by the current is completed. Then, the results obtained through A/D conversion shows digital resistance value. Even though the voltage V at the two ends of the resistance and the current I flowing through the resistor change at the same time, the displayed resistance value will not change like the ordinary high resistance meter subject to the change of the tested voltage V and the current I. So, even if the measured voltage, the measured resistance and power voltage change, it has a little influence on the results. The accuracy is very high (patent), and theoretically the error can be zero, and the actual error can achieve parts per thousand or parts per ten thousand.
GB12014-2009, GB/T 1410-2006, ASTM D257-99, GB/T 10581­2006, GB/T 1692­2008, GB/T 2439­2001, GB/T 12703.4­2010, GB/T 10064­2006, GB/T 22042­2008, EN 1149­1­1995, GB/T 1410­2006.

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