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Fabric Flame Retardant Tester

Fabric Flame Retardant Tester

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A method is used to determine the damaged area and the length of the damage when the textiles and other materials are burned at 45 °, and the B method is used to determine the number of times the textile contacts the flame at a 45 ° state with hot melt to a specified length.
GB/T 14645-2014  Textiles-Burning behaviour-45°test determination of damaged area and ignition times
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Afterflame time range 0~99.99s, resolution:0.01s
Afterglow time range 0 ~ 99.99s, resolution: 0.01s Ignition tip distance from the sample distance
Ignition time A method: thin fabric 30s; thick fabric 120s
B method: manual
Igniter caliber A method: thin fabric Φ6.4mm; thick fabric Φ20mm
B method: Φ6.4mm
Sample clip size A method: shape 500mm × 230mm; inner frame 250mm × 150mm
B method: spiral diameter Φ10mm; pitch 2mm; total length 150mm
Igniter top distance from the sample A method: thin fabric 45mm; thick fabric 65mm
B method : 45mm

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