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CFR 1633 Mattress Flame Retardant Tester

CFR 1633 Mattress Flame Retardant Tester

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Fire hazards exist everywhere in our daily life. In order to reduce fire accidents due to the flammability of mattress and thus decrease the harm to people’s life and treasure caused by that, the mattress flame resistance tester draws high attention.
The mattress flame resistance tester is designed with the adoption of the advanced technology, mainly used for the combustion test of upholstered furniture exported to US.
Technical Parameters
1.Combustion chamber and gas-collection hood: Dimension ( L x W x D, mm): 3048 × 3658 × 2438; Door size ( W x H, mm ): 965 × 2032; Comply with the requirements of the 16 C.F.R. Part 1633 clause 7 and figure 1 and figure 2 under this clause.
2. Oxycalorimeter : range: 75kW~200kW, accuracy ≤2kW.
3. Gas analysis station: Co2 measurement range: 0~6.0%, accuracy :±0.1%; Co measurement range: 0~1.0%,accuracy :±0.02%.
4. Burner device: include mattress burner device, sofa burner device and soft chair burner device, 1 set for each. Comply with the requirements of the 16 C.F.R. Part 1633 clause 7 and figure 3,4,5,6 under this clause.
5. Exhaust gas processing device: the combustion exhaust gas is processed to meet the direct emission requirement.
6. Gas supply system: combustion gas: propane; gas flow accuracy: ≤ 0.1L / min (at a flow rate of 12.9L / min); ≤ 0.05L / min (at a flow rate of 6.6L / min).

16 CFR Part 1633,TB 603

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