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Heat Storage Performance Tester

Heat Storage Performance Tester

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Heat Storage Performance Tester provides standardized procedures and controls radiation heat conditions, providing repetitive measurement for heat storage and thermal transfer of protective fabric materials. Through measurement, the characteristics and rating of the material can be quickly identified, and the possibility of burn to the material is predicted through the integrated burn model of the instrument.
Operation Principle
The equipment is used to detect heat storage and thermal transfer characteristics of protective clothing, safety shoes, gloves, helmet and other materials, and determine the possibility that protective equipment can cause skin burns when exposed to heat.
ASTM F2731  Standard Test Method for Measuring the Transmitted and Stored Energy of Firefighter Protective Clothing Systems
Product Details
Instrument Structure:
The equipment includes radiant heat source, sample holder, calorimeter induction component, pneumatic start transfer tray with water-cooled slide frame, compressor, DAQ/control system and combustion injury analysis program.
Instrument Features:
· Assessing the possibility of skin burns which is related to the heat energy storage performance of fabric.
· Automatic or manual test operation
· Radiant plate heat source (adjustable temperature) generates radiation energy, which matches with the spectral line density of building fire.
· The water-cooled sample sliders, electronic driven, realizes the precise control of the time of exposure on the heat source.
· The pneumatic compressor uses a low conductivity core bar to apply a 1PSI load on the sample.
· The system includes the integrated burn model, which predicts the severity of skin injuries, and calculates the estimated time of exposure leading to secondary burns.
· The combustion results are real-time values and the graph shows the skin layer interface temperature and combustion synthesis of Omega.
System Including:
· Dell PC laptop.
· ThermDAC software with a combustion model
· Signal conditioning circuit and USB interface
· Power supply and control cable, operator manual
· One-year warranty.
Laboratory Requirement:
· The laboratory should be well ventilated with dry compressed air source and cooling water supply pipe.
· The desktop device is designed for operation of horizontal or vertical radiant heat sources.
· It is recommended to operate in a vertical direction.

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