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Surface Area Analyzer

Surface Area Analyzer

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An adsorption membrane that is invariable to form a clean surface is exposed to the gas. Adsorption membranes can also be formed on the surface of porous materials. The amount of adsorption gas at constant temperature depends on the magnitude of the pressure. The surface area analyzer measures the pressure and calculates the molar amount absorbed in the difference between the molar amount of gas allowed to flow into the system and the amount of gas remaining in the system. The BET theory of gas absorption is used to calculate surface area according to the absorption of pressure measurement.
◆ Adopt the new technology design, the instrument is beautiful and generous, the operation is simple, the use mission is long.
◆ Perform surface area (single point and multipoint) analysis.
◆ You can measure the volume of the void.
◆ Fast, just four minutes, and the result is accurate.
◆ Highly reproducibility.
◆ Sample can be discharged on the spot.
◆ Automatic calibration routines.
◆ High degree of automation, automatic operation and minimum operator.
◆ Very few maintenance costs.
◆ Sound and cheap.

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Pressure accuracy Reads 0.15%
Test pressure 100,200和500psi
Pressure and flow resolution 1 in 6000
Maximum detectable gap size 500μm
Flow Reach 200SLPM (standard per minute)
Sample size 0.25 "-2.5" (thickness up to 1.5 "); Diameter 5mm - 60mm (up to 40mm in thickness)
Geometrical sample Sheet, rod, tube, hollow fiber, film, powder, etc

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