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Envelope Surface Area Analyzer

Envelope Surface Area Analyzer

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PMI's Envelope Surface Area Analyzer (ESA) offers a simple, fast, and reliable technique for external surface area measurement - a measurement not readily achieved by static nitrogen adsorption (BET) methods. The ESA's innovative use of flow permeametry combined with its sophisticated self-adjusting viscous-flow controller enables testing of a wide range of powders and other samples, including materials with surface areas of only several square meters per gram.
 Providing the user with a surface area measurement in less than five minutes, the main application of the ESA is quality control. Samples tested include pharmaceutical powders, electrode components, ceramic powders, fibrous materials, and other porous substances. The ESA is utilized for this function in several industries, such as: Battery Separator Ceramic Chemical Pharmaceutical Powder Metallurgy.
· The first porometer capable of testing samples with permeabilities as low as 10-6 Darcies
· MicroFlow models available that have the capability to determine pore sizes from 500 to 0.013 microns
· Flow is determined by measuring the pressure change in a sealed reservoir as pressurized gas is applied to the sample
· Inlet pressure is measured by a high accuracy differential pressure gauge
· Systems can be modified to accommodate specific needs

Items Parameters
Surface Area Range 0.1~10m2/g
Sample Size 1~10cc
Pressure Range 0~500psi
Pressurizing Gas nitrogen or any non-corrosive gas
Pressure Transducer Range 0-500psi
Mass Flow Transducer Range 10cc/minute~100cc/minute
Power Requirements 110/220 VAC,50/60Hz
Dimensions 7" H x 17" W x 17" D
Weight 30lbs
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