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Blow-By Test System for Gravimetric and Photometric Oil Content Determination

Blow-By Test System for Gravimetric and Photometric Oil Content Determination

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The Blow-By Test Rig BBT 143 is a mobile measuring system for the determination of oil droplet content in the crankcase gases (blow-by) on engine test stands. It combines the accuracy of a gravimetric measurement by the GMS 141 with the dynamics of an optical concentration measurement by the aerosol photometers PAP 610 and PAP 612, and it allows effective and time-saving recording of oil consumption values of complete engine maps. For an optional pressure compensation, a blower is available which is capable of compensating the differential pressure across the measuring system (e. g. in filter measurements) compared to a pipe guidance without measuring devices. Additionally, the compact photometer PAP 612 offers the possibility of detecting oil films in tubes and gushes of oil, for example, in swivel test rigs.
◆ Time-saving and reproducible determination of oil content in blow-by gases in a wide concentration range
◆ Integration in engine test stands (CAN)
◆ Measurement in the full flow of the blow-by (up to 300 l/min), possible bypass flow measurements at large blow-by volume flow rates)
◆ Compensation of the differential pressure of the filter measurement
◆ Heated measuring chamber of the GMS 141 and the PAP 610 to avoid condensation
◆ High temporal resolution photometric measurements in aerosols of two different wavelengths
◆ Easy to use and quick commissioning
 Determination of oil content in blow-by on the engine test stand
Evaluation of oil mist separators on the engine test stand
On-line concentration monitoring of oil mist aerosols

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