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Sample Recovery Device

Sample Recovery Device

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The 4520 NGI Assistant provides semi-automated sample processing for the NGI. The operator places up to three collection trays on the platform and the system then adds a precise volume of solvent to each cup and rocks each tray to dissolve the drug product in the added solvent. The NGI Assistant then proceeds to aspirate an aliquot of each of the dissolved samples and dispenses it into HPLC-ready vials for analysis.
Also offered are the 4505 Induction Port Rinser and the 4510 Pre-Separator Rinser. After using the NGI Assistant to deliver the recovery solvent to up to three induction ports and pre-separators (or dispensing the recovery solvent manually), the systems dissolve the drug product through single axis (IP Rinser) and dual axis (PS Rinser) rotation. All three systems include an on-site installation and operational qualification, certificate of conformance and all needed accessories.
Overview of induction port rinser and pre-separator rinser operation
 The Induction Port and Pre-separator Rinsers are two similar devices designed to automate the process of rinsing the NGI Induction Port and Pre-separator.
Both units are bench standing and can accommodate three induction ports or pre-separators respectively.
Operation is extremely simple. A known volume of solvent is added to each induction port (ca. 20 mL) or pre-separator (ca. 30 mL) and the ends secured using the end caps provided.
The induction ports or pre-separators are then mounted on special fixtures and clamped in position using sets of solenoid valve operated plungers. A programmable logic controller is used to control the rinse time (normally 10 minutes).
The actual rinsing action takes the form of a tumbling end-over-end motion, combined in the case of the pre-separator rinser with an axial turning motion such that the pre-separator rotates simultaneously about two axes (35 rpm in the case of the Induction Port; 25 rpm in the case of the Pre-separator).

 This action together with the special rinsing caps employed maximizes the potential for solvent to reach the cup in the center of the insert and hence reduce rinsing times. Under normal operating conditions, the control of the rinser is achieved by a 3-position switch – off / clamp / run. Safety interlocks and an emergency stop button are provided as standard.
Gentle rocker
 Manual Sample Recovery A significant number of procedures performed during inhaler testing are highly repetitive and their performance leads to bottlenecks which compromise overall laboratory operations and efficiency. Relatively simple and inexpensive sample recovery tools have been designed to alleviate such bottlenecks and to ensure that testing is carried out in a consistent, reproducible and controlled fashion. These tools can also help to reduce the unwanted effects of repetitive strain. The NGI Gentle Rocker and the Copley model SPU Sample Preparation Unit aid the analyst in recovering deposited samples from NGI cups and total dose tubes or induction ports, respectively.
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