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Gravimetric Measurement System

Gravimetric Measurement System

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The Gravimetric Measurement System allows the comfortable detection of oil content in blow-by after oil mist separators with a filter blank sheet or filter cartridge directly on engines or engine test stands.
Decrease of oil consumption as well as reduced component abrasion is of utmost importance to help realize sophisticated exhaust standards for piston engines. Oil mist separators are basic components of a crank case ventilation system. They will be benchmarked after differential pressure and oil flow.
The measuring device combines a simple and rugged assembly with an economic low-cost manual application and handling. The device is controlled in a web browser.
 · Determination of the blow-by oil content.
· Gravimetric benchmark of oil mist separators for crank case ventilations in combustion engines.
· Calibration of aerosol generators and aerosol photometers.
 · Time-saving reproducible detection of oil content after oil mist separator in blow-by of combustion engines.
· Heatable absolute filter box in order to avoid condensation (up to 120 °C) .
·  Installation of different absolute filters possible. Selection by flow rate and filter charging:
     ● Filter blank sheet with d = 110 mm or
     ● Filter cartridge with d = 65 mm, L = 93 mm  
· Two independent sections: bypass and measuring. Running up to the working point over bypass section and measuring over measuring section. Prevention of undesirable filter charging.
· Switching between both sections with pneumatic ball valves; feature: manual or automatic switching (by default time or differential pressure)
· Display of blow-by measuring data
      ● Differential pressure at absolute filter (information about filter charging)
      ●  Blow-by and absolute filter temperature
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