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Leakage Test System

Leakage Test System

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With test rigs of series DHP 145 it is possible to test tightness against over and low-pressure of components of different dimensions and shapes. The leak rate is determined depending on pressure. Overpressure is accomplished with compressed air (from the network), the pressure level is adjusted by means of a proportional valve. When operated in the suction mode, the necessary underpressure is created by means of a pneumatically operated vacuum pump. The test rig is working at test air temperatures from -40°C up to 120°C. A heat exchanger protects the measurement instrumentation against damages because of too low or high temperatures during low pressure operation. For external connection the test rig has a test air adapter, a pressure measurement port as well as a temperature sensor which have to be connected with the test sample. All connecting lines are 2 m long so that the sample can be in a climatic chamber during the test. The whole inspection process is carried out primarily automatically and is controlled by means of the PC-based software DHPWin.
 ◆ Tests with over and low-pressure possible (pressure and suction mode)
◆ Wide temperature range of applicable test air
◆ Wide volume flow range by means of cascading of several laminar flow elements
◆ Compact design
◆ Mobile - easy to move by lockable wheels
◆ Easy handling supported by computer controlled test procedure
◆ Convenient data analysis under Windows
 Control and Data Acquisition Software DHPWin For test rig control purposes as well as data acquisition the user-friendly and self-explaining Windows software DHPWin has been developed. It comprises two parts:
* Operational software for standard tests
* Manual control to change hardware settings
Main features of this software are:
* Automatic test procedure whose parameters can be varied
* Data monitor for independent data recording
* Graphic and tabular data presentation, listing (protocol printout)
* Data transfer to other Windows applications via clipboard
* Software integrated select-language feature (German/English)
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Volume flow 5 cm³/min ... 300 l/min during operation
Pressure -1 mbar … -900 mbar +1 mbar ... +5000 mbar
Test air Pressurized air
Test air temperature  -40 … 120ºC
Compressed air supply 7…8 bar, max. 600 l/min
Power supply 230 V AC
Power consumption approx. 500 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 200 cm x 90 cm x 110 cm (Height without monitor)
Weight approx. 280 kg

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