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Manual HEPA ULPA Filter Scanning Test System

Manual HEPA ULPA Filter Scanning Test System

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Main purpose of this air filter test system is determination of HEPA and ULPA air filter quality in terms of manufacturer production control. In its standard configuration the Manual Filter Scanner is adapted to an existing filter test bench. Aerosol generation is done by an atomizer aerosol generator (ATM 226) using standard DEHS test liquid. For upstream concentration measurement an optical particle counter is used in combination with cascaded self-adjusting dilution systems (DIL 540/C). A scanning probe with a sophisticated x-y coordinating system is moved manually for downstream scanning of full filter area as well as filter frame. c (SYS 520).
 ◆ Test protocol fully compliant to EN 1822-4 and EN 1822-5
◆ Cost effective testing by manual x-y scanning operation
◆ Fully automated aerosol generation, upstream/downstream particle counting and test data acquisition
◆ State of the art aerosol instrumentation
◆ Retraceable documentation of 100% filter area scan
◆ High spatial x-y resolution and fast particle counter readout for accurate leak location
◆ Implemented filter frame scan
◆ Adaptable to existing filter test benches (oil thread or photometer test bench)
◆ Optional filter in-flow unit available upon request
 Quality control and assurance in HEPA and ULPA filter production
EN 1822-3: MPPS determination of filter media (using optional AFS 153)
EN 1822-4: determination of local filter efficiency, leak detection
EN 1822-5: determination of integral filter efficiency
 A filter in-flow unit for mounting the test filter and generating filter air flow is offered additionally on request as well as filter media holder required for MPPS determination.

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