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Automated HEPA ULPA Filter Scanning Test System

Automated HEPA ULPA Filter Scanning Test System

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The test filter clamped in the filter holder is passed by a test volume flow and charged with a test aerosol. Leak detection and filtration efficiency measurement is performed automatically. The relevant test data and results are logged. The system works in overpressure mode. The test air is taken from the ambient air and purified by a HEPA filter after passing through the flow measuring device. Behind the filter to be tested, the scanning traverse is located with the sampling probe of the downstream particle counter. The data acquisition as well as the control of the entire system is done by the PC placed on a separate movable computer desk. Throughout the whole testing process (scan) unfiltered air and clean air concentrations are measured continuously, each with a separate particle counter. On the basis of particles counted during the test on the downstream side (clean air side) of the test filter the total filtration efficiency is calculated and possible leaks graphically displayed.
 ◆ Constant test conditions according to EN 1822-4 due to automated test procedure
◆ Effective testing of larger numbers
◆ Automatic test report generation as a proof of quality in the filter manufacturing - even for the low-cost filter scanner version with manual testing
◆ Flexibly applicable for changing filter dimensions
◆ Customized data or test protocols possible
◆ Convenient control and data acquisition software
 ◆ Quality control and assurance in filter production
◆ For automated testing of high-efficiency air filters according to EN 1822-4 (scan-test), EN 1822-5 (local penetration and air velocity) and EN 1822-3 (fractional efficiency of filter media; with additional module AFS 153)
human resources and other customer constraints, the appropriate scanner version can be selected and specified: Using the automatic filter scanner AFS 150 the filter is hermetically sealed and clamped against an adapter plate in a test chamber (filter holder cabinet). For the conversion to a different filter size the adapter plate must just be changed. The handling of large filters is facilitated by the fact that the test filter can easily slide on rollers into the test chamber. The manual filter scanner AFS 152 can be integrated into existing leak detection systems. In this scanner version the sampling probe is manually moved across the entire filter or the sections to be tested. In this cost-effective solution as well as with the automatic scanner version, the software determines and records the clean air particle concentration, the coordinates of the sampling probe and the scanning speed. The leak detection in all scanner models is done with a particle counter. Thus, a higher reliability and accuracy is achieved than in case of using a photometer.
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