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Fabric Tensile Strength Tester

Fabric Tensile Strength Tester

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Fabric Tensile Strength Tester with a variety of materials, the main speed of the tensile; tear, peel, fixed load, fixed elongation, elastic recovery rate, broken test test, the market widely used, the standard group Long-term supply of Fabric tensile strength machine, the price is reasonable and reasonable guarantee.
Fabric strength machine details

Product Description:
Mainly used for a variety of materials, weaving, non-woven timing, fixed speed stretching; torn, peeled, fixed load, fixed length, elastic recovery rate, broken, but also according to user requirements to provide friction and other tests Function instrument.

Standards compliant:
ASTM D5034, ASTM D 2261, ASTM D434, GB / T3923, GB / T3917, GB / T13772, FZ / T80007.1, ISO5081, DIN53859, DIN53858, BS3320, 4303, 2576, 2543

Fabric tensile strength machine Parameter Description:
1, the test mechanism: CRE test mechanism, high-speed sampling
2, control mode: computer control, liquid crystal display; print output
3, PC machine: record the whole process of testing, access to a powerful analysis, real-time display curve, breaking strength, elongation, yield stress, yield elongation, breaking off elongation, the initial modulus, the CV value A number of statistical indicators
4, measuring range: 100.0N, 2500N, 5000N, optional
5, the tensile speed: 2mm / min ~ 1200mm / min arbitrary
6, return speed: 2mm / min ~ 1000mm / min
7, timing stretch: 20s ± 3s, 30s ± 5s optional
8, the maximum set the number of stretching: 99 times
9, the average number of groups: 2 to 30 times (which can be calculated by the average, weft average)
10, elongation range: 200mm gauge when the elongation of up to 350%
11, gauge: 25 ~ 500mm between any regulation
12, Dimensions: 690mm × 480mm × 1270mm.
13, power: AC220V, 50HZ
14, Weight: about 130 kg

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