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European standard Rotary drum dryer

European standard Rotary drum dryer

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European standard Rotary drum dryer for a number of fabric processing manufacturers recommended the European standard indoor drum dryer, the aircraft and the European standard shrinkage washing machine used in conjunction to measure the shrinkage or elongation of textiles.
M & S P1A, P3A, P3B, P4, P4A, P12, P99A, P91, P134 NEXT TM 7 / 7a / 7b, TM12 BS EN ISO 6330, GB / T 8629
1. Digital precision drum dryer, can be within 1 second to accurately control the temperature (± 1 ℃) and the cycle time
2.120 minutes timer, two sets of heating devices, positive and negative, two flip mode to effectively prevent fabric entanglement, 10 minutes cooling time
3. Energy efficiency rating: Class C
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