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Thermal Resistance Moisture Resistance Tester

Thermal Resistance Moisture Resistance Tester

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The Thermal resistance wet resistance tester simulates the heat and mass transfer processes which occur next to human skin. 

Measurement of thermal resistance and water vapor resistance under steady state conditions of a range of products of fabrics, films, coatings, foams, and leathers, including multi-layer assemblies, for use in clothing systems.


Thermal Resistance(RCT) range: 0.002~2.000m2·K/W; 

Indication error ≤ ±2%; 

Repeatability error ≤ ±2%; 

Resolution: 0.001m2·K/W; 

Evaporative Resistance(RET) range: 0-1000m2·Pa/W; 

Indication error  ≤ ±2%; 

Repeatability error  ≤ ±2%; 

Resolution: 0.001m2·Pa/W; 

Test plate temperature range: 20℃-50℃, adjustable; 

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.03℃; 

Temperature measurement: ±0.01℃; 

Air velocity: 0~1.2m/s, continuously adjustable; 

Air velocity accuracy: ±1%; 

The sample platform lift range: 0~70mm, automatic lift; 

Sample thickness: 0~70mm; 

Test plate area: 250mm×250mm; 

Guard ring size: 512mm×512mm, Guard ring width: 127mm;

Dimensions: 770×560×750mm (L×W×H) (not including Climate Chamber); 

Weight: 30Kg (not including Climate Chamber); 

Host power: AC220V±10%, 100W or AC110V±10%, 100W.


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