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UL1581 FCable Burning Test Chamber

UL1581 FCable Burning Test Chamber

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Wire and cable horizontal vertical combustion tester is  designed and manufactured according to UL1581. The tester is used to carry out 1060 vertical combustion and FT1 test , 1061 cable burning test, 1080VW-1 (vertical sample) combustion test, 1090 horizontal sample electric wire burning test and 1100 horizontal sample / FT2 combustion for the finished wire cable or cord, to assess the ability of a burning wire cable or cord to propagate a flame to a nearby flammable materials.



The combustion tester can be used in horizontal vertical combustion of finished wire cables or cords to assess the tendency of a burning cable or cord to spread fire to the nearby flammable materials.



UL1581 sect 1060~1100  Reference standards for safety for electrical wires, cables, flexible cords.

ASTM D 5025 Standard Specification for Laboratory Burner Used for Small-Scale Burning Tests on Plastic Materials.

ASTM D 5027




· Chamber is powder coated by electrolytic plate electrostatic spraying, beautiful appearance, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The internal chamber is electrostatic sprayed with black powder.

· A strong exhaust ventilation device is set on the top of the chamber. When the test is completed, the ventilation device is opened together with the air supply system to emit exhaust to the outside; During the test process, this system shall be in a closed state.

· A tempered glass observation window sealed during the test process is set in the front of the chamber for the convenience to observe the test situation.

· Below the glass observation window, there is an operating hole, which is fitted with a sealed glove, and the operator wears the sealed glove to operate the burner.

2Temperature measurement system:

· Thermal sensors (copper conduits and thermocouples) - The conduit structure should be copper cathodes with extremely high conductivity .at the length of 19.14 ± 0.02mm.

· Digital thermometer matches with the imported K-type thermocouple. Readings is higher than 1000 ° C.

· The whole test system is movable. Place the sample in the test chamber for the temperature measurement.

3Test apparatus and test fixture:

· Main fixture: test holder and combustion burner.

· Flame height is easy to adjust. The total height of the gas flame is 125 ± 10mm, the blue inner flame height is  40 ± 2mm; the flame test angle is adjustable from 0 ~ 45.

· Special gas flowmeter plus imported needle valve precisely controls the gas flow.

· Brand pressure gauge and control valve; working gas pressure 69 ~ 138 Kpa.

· Air flow digital display.

· Test stand: made of stainless steel, independently horizontal holder and vertical holder, namely the three specifications of FT1, FT2, VW-1. The position of vertical holder and burner  is parallel to the observation window, easy to observe and operate.

· High-voltage electronic automatic ignition system, and security protection system automatically cutting off the gas source.

· Wedged holder: increase wedge. The burner shall be installed on the wedge as per safety requirements , can be easily moved, and also can be accurately moved back to the specified location.

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