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Large scale Calorimeter

Large scale Calorimeter

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According to the heat release rate, calorie is divided into several types. The most common calorimeters include a cone calorimeter which is used to measure 10x10cm object and the furniture calorimeters which is used to  evaluate the burning of 1 to 3 megawatts of the furniture (corner fire test). In order to ensure the safety of fire performance, depending on its purpose and the scale and fire performance rating of buildings and large complexes (including locomotives, vehicles, warehouses and configurations), these fire performance should have been achieved through the use of raw materials, building, the solid model performs extensive fire performance tests to verify that this test will reduce fire life and property damage. In other words, it is recommended to use a double cone calorimeter (raw material) - room angle detector / single combustion project / ISO13784-1 (micro model) - large cone calorimeter (solid) test to determine the fire safety performance classification criteria , and according to the combustion risk, the purpose and the equipment within the building specifications, which can control a wide range of fire safety performance test.

Large calorimeter heat release rate test device is used for testing and analysis the ignition characteristics, heat release rate, mass loss rate, effective heat and gas analysis of large objects or structures placed in the open space combustion process.  Combine the direct physical combustion to simulate the occurrence of fire, and then analyze the collected flue gas data to understand the combustion characteristics of various experimental bodies;  I t  can also study the best way to eliminate fire to reduce the safety of life and property caused by fire in the test.

10MW large-scale calorimeter equipment is currently not yet developed international standards. The current design and assembly based on the main reference ISO5660-1 and ISO9705 design principles. The system covers fire safety systems, smoke extraction systems and flue gas treatment systems, sample gas sampling systems and gas analysis systems, ignition systems, software control systems.



ISO 9705, 1993  Fire tests; full-scale room test for surface products

IEC 60332-3 Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions

EN 45545 Fire protection of railway vehicles - Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviours of materials and components  

EN 50399 Common test methods for cables under fire conditions 


Combustion systems, ignition circuit systems, control systems, exhaust systems, gas sampling and pretreatment systems, gas analysis systems.


The filter is installed on the air flow diagram in order to remove moisture and dust;
Each filter can be exchanged with the differential sensor;
The adjustable calibrator can control the pressure of each sample gas supplied to the gas analysis frame;
Installed with a humidity measuring instrument and sensors to measure the humidity of the test space;
The gas sampling pipeline minimum 40PSI pressure can send the sample gas to about 50m of the analytical instrument;
When the test is according to oxygen consumption to test the heat release rate, anti-blocking two-way pipeline can be used to test the air flow. This is the reason why the heat flow will have so many solid and liquid, including soot, tar and other particles;
The use of Teflon anti-corrosion hose, sampling gas pipeline and instrumentation can minimize the degree of chemical deterioration of the sampled gas after corrosion or heating;
In order to protect the condensation,  install with a heating tube to maintain the sampling pipe outside the temperature;
Flange test station is consisted with a two-way probe, sampling probe and smoke density test system, each compound is made of anti-corrosion materials;
Heat flow meter and water cooling system can measure the actual fire source to release the heat radiation;
As a test method for all test items, heptane is often used, but the calibrated burner will also be used alone. In particular, when using an oxygen consumption test method, the calibration burner will be used to test the net burn calories.



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