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Electric Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester

Electric Wire and Cable Smoke Density Tester

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Electric wire and cable smoke density tester complies with GB/T17651.1~2-1998IEC61034-1~2:1997  “Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions “. The tester is a testing equipment measuring the smoke generated when the cable or wire used for the transmission of electrical energy and signals is horizontally burned under a specified condition.( IEC61034 requires the volume of the smoke chamber to be 3m3.)



The national cable industry strives to develop cables and materials with low smoke and no halogen. These kinds of products requires the smoke density of cables to be measured. The main principle of smoke density measurement is that the light beam penetrating the smoke generated by cables or materials under specified combustion or radiation conditions suffers from attenuation, and the light density as well as smoke density can then be figured out via measuring the light transmittance of the beam. The instrument can test the combustion smoke characteristic of cable or fiber cable, and can provide reference for the cable requirements in the rescue area. 



GB/T 17651.1 Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions – Part 1: Test apparatus; Part 2: Test procedure and requirements

GB/T 17651.2 Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions – Part 2: Test procedure and requirements

IEC 61034  Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions


Structure: ·

·  The size of each side of the chamber is 3000mm±30mm. The internal chamber  is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, stuffed with calcium silicate fireproof material . The external  chamber is made of iron with powder coating processing.

·  All of the tooling in the interior is made of stainless steel, beautiful and anti-corrosive.

· The total area of the vent hole is 50cm2±10cm2, and it shall be always open during the test; the height of the guard board is 1000mm.

· Configure wire and cable test rack and weights as per standard requirements.

· The door of the test chamber comes with a glass window on opposite sides, installed with sealed and transparent windows ( Min. 100mmx100mm) for transmitting the light of horizontal optical measuring system, 2150mm±100mm above the ground.

· The photocell and the light source are placed in the center of the two walls of each window, without physical contact. 

Smoke density test system·

· Light source: Halogen lamps with clean crystal bulbs and tungsten filament;  2900 k color temperature;100W,DC12V, nominal luminous flux 2000lm~3000lm.

· The range of light density 0%~100%.

· Allow installing special light source for smoke density and import high resolution photocell receiver on the outside wall.

· The laboratory is equipped with door and window seal structure. 

· The standard power of light source is 100W and the standard voltage is DC 12V.

· Light path calibration system: 0 ~ 100% point calibration.

 Combustion source: ·

· Ethyl alcohol 90%±1%;methyl alcohol 4%±1%;water 6%±1%·

· Alcohol burning box·

·  Alcohol burning box is 100mm±10mm above the ground;


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