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Non-combustibility Tester

Non-combustibility Tester

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Non-combustible material refers to the material when it is heated by the fire even if it become the red or melting, which will not occur burning. Non-combustibility tester is designed by the new GB8624-2012 building materials fire classification requirements in the mandatory testing project , But also fully meet the GB / T 5464 and ISO 1182 international standards. Furnace temperature can quickly reach the temperature balance into the test program. The temperature curve is free to print.



GB/T 5464 Method for non-combustibility test of building

ISO 1182 Reaction to fire non-combustibility test of building products-non-combustibility test

BS 476-4 Fire tests on building materials and structures-Full-scale room test for surface products

BS 476-11 Method for assessing the heat emission from building materials  

ASTM E 136 Standard test method for behavior of materials in a vertical tube furnace at 750


Technical Parameters




500mm x 500mm x 1500mm




220V, 50Hz, 1500W

Air flow hood

Φ75 mm×500 mm


 Patented design intelligent test system;

Stainless steel burner, beautiful and easy to clean up;

Heating furnace: Φ95 mm × Φ75 mm × 150 mm;

3 mm × 0.2 m nickel 80% chromium 20% resistance band;

Equipped with airflow hood;

Thermocouple: Insulated nickel-chromium-nickel-aluminum armor Φ3 mm / Φ0.3 mm;

Power controller, control test power;

The experiment began to temperature equilibrium time of about 35min;

Thermometer: 0 ~ 1000 ± 5%.


High degree of automation, the test process is safe and reliable, easy to operate;

The use of high-quality bar heater, the furnace temperature can rise to 900 ;

Programmable controllers (PLCs) automate the heating process by using modern electronic devices, can greatly extend the life of the furnace;

PLC output signal control heating voltage is 0-110VAC. Eliminate the effect of voltage fluctuation on temperature;

PLC added solid state relay to achieve PID control heating;

Built-in new furnace temperature, calibration temperature, the normal test temperature three procedures;

Embedded integrated 7 "touch screen can be set to control the parameters set and display / experimental data acquisition and preservation / screen monitoring / real-time temperature curve display / historical curve and data query;

With sound alarm and alarm accident display function.

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