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Building Materials Combustibility Test Chamber

Building Materials Combustibility Test Chamber

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Building materials fire resistance test is a very important and professional test in safety engineering . The national standard, GB/T8626-2007, specifies the conditions under which building materials are combustible as well as the combustibility of combustible building materials.

Building material combustibility test chamber is R&D and developed according to GB/T8626 and ISO11925, suitable for the determination of  the combustibility of building materials by using small flame to directly contact the vertically placed specimen in the absence of additional radiation conditions. It applies to the latest version of GB8624-2014, combustion test for building materials’ fireproofing classification, and it is able to test grade A, B1,B2,etc.


EN ISO 11925-2 Reaction to fire tests--Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame — Part 2: Single-flame source test

DIN 53438 Testing of combustible materials - response to ignition by a small flame- edge ignition

DIN 4102-1 Fire behavior of building materials and elements-classification of building materials-requirements and testing 

GB/T 8626 Test method of flammability for building materials.


Control System

1,PLC control:

Automatic timing, automatic fire detection, automatic ignition, ignition anomaly protection.

2,LCD touch screen display :

Monitor the test data in real time. Check the data of six samples and alarm contents.



 The chamber is powder coated, beautifully designed, with a transparent tempered glass window on the front door of the chamber, fire-resistant and easy to observe the test.

A commissioning handle is designed on the outside of the chamber, through which the burner can be vertically moved.

All internal tooling is made of stainless steel, beautiful and anti-corrosive.

Two kinds of stainless steel sample clamps are equipped.

Automatic ignition, high degree of test automation.

The height of the flame can be adjusted, with the height gauges equipped.

Simple operation, good stability, accurate experimental data.


Technical Parameters



Instrument dimensions

W 700mm X D 400mm X H 600mm

Flame application time and burning time

Adjustable within 0~99min.99s.

Burning angle



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