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Large Flame Flammability Tester

Large Flame Flammability Tester

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The Flame Flammability Tester is developed according to the NFPA 701 Method 2 and can be used for single or multi-layer fabrics. It’s used to determine the combustion performance of outdoor products, banners and many other products.
1. NFPA 701 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for  flame propagation of textiles and films
2. UL 214 Test for flame-Propagation of fabrics and films
3. CAN/ULC S109 Flame tests of flame-resistant fabrics and films
Technical  Parameters
1. Stainless steel test case with strong corrosion resistance and longer  useful life.
 2. 25 ° angle burner with automatic timer:
     a. Preset ignition time.
     b. Record the afterflame  time.
3. Flowmeter uses to set to the appropriate test gas flow.
4. Sample support.
5. Power: 110V 50/60Hz or 230V 50Hz.
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