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Furniture flammability tester

Furniture flammability tester

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Furniture flammability tester is mainly used to test the combustion performance of mattress and upholstered bed. It’s suitable for bedspreads, pillows, quilts, bed sheets and other materials of indoor use for the alone or combination flammability test.



1EN 597 Furniture- Assessment of the ignitability of mattresses and upholstered bed bases

2BS 7175 Methods of test for the ignitability of bedcovers and pillows by smouldering and flaming ignition sources

3. BS 7176 Specification for resistance to ignition of upholstered furniture for non-domestic seating by testing composites



1Bedding flammability, 1set

2Standard ignition device, 1set


Technical Parameters



Stainless steel test panel

450×450mm,the height of the bottom fixed mount: 75mm

Timer accuracy


Standard ignition device

Standard match

Standard gas flow control


Test case volume


Internal gas flow of test case


Allocating system

Optional combustion flue gas purification system, safety and environment protection


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