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Textile Thermal Insulation Property Tester

Textile Thermal Insulation Property Tester

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The common heat transfer forms of textiles are heat conduction, thermal convection and thermal radiation. The main function of thermal insulation clothes for the protection against  heat radiation is to protect the wearer for working  in the high temperature baking environment, reduce the heating rate of human body, and restrain high temperature burn and physical discomfort caused by high temperature, and provide better dress comfort for workers in special working environment.
 In daily life, with the increasing demands on the functional requirements of clothing, the requirements of  solar thermal radiation barrier efficiency of summer heat protective clothes and outdoor work clothes are increasingly stringent. The thermal radiation barrier properties of such functional garments have an important effect on maintaining microclimate comfort between the surface of the human body and the clothing, blocking a large amount of heat transfer from the heat radiation and reducing physical discomfort due to the microclimate temperature rising between the human body surface and clothing caused by heat radiation in the sun.

The common heat transfer forms of textiles are heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation. The three main forms of heat transfer of textiles are helpful in understanding and evaluating the thermal conductivity, heat insulation and flame retardant properties of textiles, which explains the thermal performance of textiles as well as providing guidance for the performance evaluation and rational use of textiles and protective clothes. The tester is suitable for performance evaluation and product development guidance of special types of workwear or anti-sunlight and heat insulation clothes used in high temperature baking environment .
Textile thermal insulation performance tester can simulate the sunlight by light source or high temperature light source and test the light source heat radiation at a certain distance, to detect temperature rise on the other side of the sample result from heat conduction effect.
Textile thermal insulation performance tester can accurately measure clothes or materials on the light source thermal radiation barrier properties, or absorption performance. Not only can it be used to evaluate the thermal insulation properties of materials, but also test the radiation heat absorption properties of materials.
Four-station design, not only meets the multi-sample tests, but also can achieve comparative tests with or without samples so as to assess the sample’s heat absorption, or heat penetration based on the temperature change of the blackboard thermometer for more accurately evaluating material’s thermal insulation and heat absorption capacity. If the heat radiation can be completely absorbed or completely reflected, at this time heat

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