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STD-9709 Thermal Shock Tester

STD-9709 Thermal Shock Tester

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Thermal Shock Tester is specially designed for today highly demanding environmental testing conditions where sample are tested through a series of high temperature to a very low temperature within second or minutes. Product can be tested in a very short period, saving our testing time. With this TST system, chemically and physically changed or damaged on the tested product can be easily obtained after going through expansion (in high temperature) and constriction (in low temperature). From the cracking and physical changes of the product, you will be able to analyze the product quality whether it is acceptable or rejected. Giving you instant and complete reliable quality control of your products. TST is designed with fully automated features and any machine settings can be programmed easily on the large touch screen LCD panel.

TFT, LCD color screen.
Multi-layered honeycomb storage panels and energy storage panels.
USB access interface.
Linear motor driven valve pressure source and prevent free access to insufficient gas supply malfunction.
Patented compressor system noise abatement and vibration-proof design (laser Doppler-aided design) and low noise.
Box sixth, 9:00 average temperature calibration.
System-wide compressor three-year warranty (full nitrogen welding).
Defrost cycle for more than 100 times.
Temperature variable rate can be set 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40oC/ min.

GB/T2423.1-1989 cold test method                       
GB/T2423.2-1989 dry heat test method
GB/T2423.22-1989 change of temperature test      
GJB150.5-86 temperature shock test
GJB360.7-87 temperature shock test                       
GJB367.2-87 temperature shock test

STD-9709A STD-9709B STD-9709C
Inside Dimension (WxDxH) mm 500x400x400 600x500x500 700x600x600
Outside Dimension (WxDxH) mm 1680x1280x2040 1780x1450x2150 1850x1500x2240
Pre-Cooled Range 0oC~ -80oC
Pre-Heat Range 60oC ~200oC
Thermal Shock Range-H.T 60oC~150oC
Thermal Shock Range-L.T -65oC~0oC
Thermal Shock Time Range
H.TEMP:150oC within 20min
L.TEMP:-50oC within 45min
Thermal Shock Testing time
2 Zone range: 120oC ~ -50oC within 3 min
3 Zone range: 120oC ~ RT within 3 min
RT ~ -50oC within 3 min
Temperature recover time Within 3min (Programmable)
Resolution 0.01oC / 1min
Temperature Control Constancy 0.1oC
Related Standards CNS, MIL, IEC, JIS and etc.
Power Source 220V / 380V, 3Ф 5W 8.5KVA 220V / 380V, 3Ф 5W 10KVA 220V / 380V, 3Ф 5W 12VA

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