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Low Temperature Chrysler Fold Tester

Low Temperature Chrysler Fold Tester

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The Low Temperature Folding Tester  is mainly used for low temperature folding test according to Chrysler related standards. Fixed the bending rate to test material damage degree for a certain number of tests in specific temperature.
The motor drives the working surface to do the reciprocating motion. The working surface is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the movement direction is parallel with the horizontal plane. Counter records the moving number of the working face, and the number of turns is stopped.
The instrument is easy to operate with high degree of automation.  When the instrument is in operation, place the control box at low temperature outdoor and the test bed inside the low temperature chamber. The two parts are connected by the supplied connecting cable. At the same time, the motor operates in the specified low temperature environment without any performance loss or impact.
It is used to evaluate the low temperature performance of automotive soft decorative materials and is used to test the low temperature crack resistance of soft finishing materials.
The soft decorative materials (synthetic leather, synthetic fiber fabric, etc.) of the automobile are prone to rupture or destruction under low temperature conditions. Such low temperature test equipment is the basis for the suitability of a soft decorative material which suitable for low temperature environment. It determines the resistance to cold cracking of automotive soft materials (low temperature folding test method).
1.Mechanical parts consist of non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel.
2.Durable powder coating and anodized surface treatment.
3.Precision spheroidal and needle bearings.
4.Extremely low temperature adaptability;
5.Programmable controller with self - stop function;
6.Test speed is adjustable.

 LP-463KB-28-01 Method A
Technical Parameters:

Items Parameters
Environment -29±1.1℃
Speed 90 reciprocating/min
Workstation 2
Two splint spacing in open state  32mm
Two splint spacing in close state  3 mm
Width of clamp ≥51mm
Counter Four-station
Dimension 12×10×5.5inch(W×L×H)
Weight 21kg(46lb)

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