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Scorch Sublimation Tester

Scorch Sublimation Tester

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Scorch/Sublimation Tester

Testing Standards:
ISO 105 X11/P01, BS 1006, AATCC 92/114/117/133, GB/T 5718/6152, DIN 54022/54060, JIS L0879/L0850

Scorch/Sublimation Tester is used in the laboratory to evaluate colour fastness to dry heat, hot pressing and sublimation, as well as thermal stability, The tester can perform color fastness test of fabric, chlorine damage  test(resin finishing fabric), yellowing test of bleached fabric, sublimation fastness test for disperse dye, and hot water fastness test for reactive dye.

Product Information:
Scorch/Sublimation Tester is used to determine color fastness and shrinkage to hot pressing and dry heat and to conduct sublimation tests. The sample is placed between the upper and lower heating plates. The temperature of the upper and lower heating plates is controlled by the independent controller. The heating plate spacing and the weight of the upper test palte can be controlled.Test temperature ranges 120-230 ℃, with regular alarm function for an accuracy control of the testing time.

Technical Parameters:
A.Thermaplate: W100×D40mm, Aluminum (same in up and bottom);
B.Temperature control: independent digital mediators with the minimum display of 1℃(one each for top and bottom plates, respectively);
C.A pre-settable digital timer with alarm reminding;
D.Maximum temperature: 250℃;
E.Thermaplate pressure: 4±1 kPa(40cm2);
F.Heater: cartridge heater with 100V, 150W(one with each of top and bottom plates, respectively);
G.Internal Dimension: W250×D300×H230mm.

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