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Fabric Anti-electromagnetic Radiation Performance Tester

Fabric Anti-electromagnetic Radiation Performance Tester

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With the popularity and development of electronic products, electromagnetic radiation hurts people's health unknowingly. The electromagnetic radiation on the human body's nervous system, immune system, circulatory system and reproductive system functions can cause different degrees of injury. The World Health Organization and many other countries, including China, have reduced the intensity of electromagnetic radiation, environment pollution and public health. Therefore, studying  the development of anti-electromagnetic radiation protection textiles has important practical significance.
Textile anti-electromagnetic radiation performance tester is mainly used to measure the textile anti-electromagnetic wave protection and electromagnetic wave reflection and absorption capacity, so as to achieve the comprehensive evaluation of anti-electromagnetic radiation effects of textiles. While the identification of textile anti-electromagnetic wave performance is one of the most important significance.
High precision network analyzer, multi-channel detection circuit. Using coaxial flange test method with excellent transmission characteristics.
 Automatic control transmitter and receiver, equipped with the host computer for data acquisition and analysis, simple operation. Dedicated test software can eliminate system errors.
 The instrument has a good double shield to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the test results.
It’s used for the textile, plastic sheeting, sheet metal, non-conductive material surface coating or coating, metal mesh, conductive film, conductive glass, conductive dielectric plate and other electromagnetic shielding material electromagnetic shielding effectiveness test (flange coaxial method).
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Test frequency range 300 KHz ~ 3000 MHz 
Frequency stability ≤±5×10-6
Frequency resolution 1 Hz 
Signal purity ≤-65dBc/Hz( partial 10 KHz) 
Output level -45dBm ~ +10 dBm 
Level Accuracy ≤±1.5dB(25℃±5℃, -45dBm ~ +5 dBm) 
Harmonic suppression ratio ≥30dB(1MHz ~ 3000MHz), ≥25dB(300KHz ~ 1MHz)
Power scanning  -8dBm ~ +5dBm 
Receiver frequency range 300KHz ~ 3000MHz 
Receiver dynamic range ≥95 dB ( RBW = 1 KHz ) 
Phase resolution 0.01° 
Phase trajectory noise 0.5°@RBW = 1KHz, 1°@RBW = 3KHz(25℃±5℃, 0dBm)
Sample thickness 0~5mm 
Power AC220V±30V, 50Hz 100W 
Dimension 70mm×50mm×75mm(L×W×H)(computer-free)
Weight About 75kg

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