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Fuel Flow Resistance Tester

Fuel Flow Resistance Tester

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The instrument is a key test equipment developed for fuel filters and has been certified to a number of qualified (in accordance with ISO standard verification procedures).

 The test bench measures the pressure difference across the filter at different flow rates.
◆ The test flow rate, temperature, and differential pressure are displayed on the digital display.
◆ The temperature control system adopts PID regulation, equipped with heating and cooling device.
◆ Flow regulation is controlled by frequency converter.
◆ The bottom of the test bench is equipped with oil pan and casters for easy movement.
◆ The test bench shell is made of aluminum alloy. The panel is made of stainless steel. The word adopts wax word, and the connecting pipe adopts seamless stainless steel tube.
◆ Note: The above parameters can be designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of customers.

ISO 4020-1:2001 Road vehicles; Fuel filters for diesel engines; Part 1 : Test methods
GB/T 5923-2010 Test methods of fuel filter for automotive compression ignition engines
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Test flow rate 1L/min--5L/min
Medium temperature 23℃±5℃
Working medium No. 0 diesel
Pressure measurement range (0~1.5)mbar
Differential pressure display Pressure gauge and digital display

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