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Oil Filter Performance Test Stander

Oil Filter Performance Test Stander

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The instrument is used to detect the oil filter flow resistance, filtration efficiency, life and ash capacity and other properties.

◆ The test stand adopts the combination of frequency converter and by-pass loop to adjust the system pressure and flow.
◆ It adopts high-precision mass flow-meter to measure the system flow.
◆ It adopts precision pressure gauge/digital differential manometer to measure the system pressure.
◆ It adopts measuring pump to feed contaminant.
◆ The panel is stainless steel.
◆ Manually adjust and set the test conditions.

 ISO4548 Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines-Part 12:Filtration efficiency using particle counting, and contaminant retention capacity.
SAEHS806 Oil filter test procedure 
JISD1611 Automotive parts -- Lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines -- Part 1: General test methods
JB / T5099 Test method for internal combustion engine paper filter oil filter assembly
JB/T6725 Internal combustion - Screw-mounted oil filter (Part 2: Test method)

 Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Test flow range 5L/min~50L/min or 50L/min~150L/min
Oil pump motor unit Model:BB-B63JZ (pump flow:63L/min or180L/min)
Power of heater 2KW/3KW
Temperature control Room temperature~100°C
Total volume of oil tank 40L or 80L
Dimension 1500mmx900mmx1720mm
Weight 1100kg
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