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Thermal Radiation Performance Tester

Thermal Radiation Performance Tester

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Thermal protective clothing and some fire-retardant properties of the material refers that human body carry out security protection who work under high temperature conditions, so as to avoid the human body's high temperature injury. In theory, there are three forms of heat damage to the human body:
thermal convection; B. heat transfer; C. thermal radiation;
In general, the practical application is more than the above two or three kinds of mixing effect. So the thermal protection should be used for different purposes and use of the environment to highlight its certain thermal protection performance.
I. Thermal Radiation Protection Performance Test Method (RPP Test) Radiant Protective Performance;
II. Thermal Radiation and Heat Convection Mixing Protective Performance Test Method (TPP Test) Thermal Protective Performance;
The RPP test is mainly used to determine the radiant thermal protection performance of thermal protective clothing. Since thermal radiation is one of the main heat transfer forms that cause thermal damage. The method can better test and evaluate the thermal protection performance of thermal protective clothing from one aspect, and has been widely used in the field of forest fire.

◆ Evaluation of flame retardant properties of flame retardant materials
◆ Detect abnormalities and reduce accidents
◆ Calculate the RPP value
◆ Evaluate thermal protection performance
◆ Improve job safety
◆ Improve the quality control system

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Heating power 6.5Kw/220V/50Hz
Heating length 178mm, diameter 8mm
Heat flux density 10Kw/m2-80Kw/m2
Radiation source temperature control -1200℃±5℃
Thermal radiation source temperature sensor Thermocouple (0 ℃ -1600 ℃)
Calorimeter heat capacity 480.937J/K
Heating area 50mm2×50mm2
Calorimeter temperature range -80℃
Test environment Between 15 ℃ -35 ℃ ,the room without air circulation

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