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Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge

Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge

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1.The instrument is used to measure the thickness of textiles, knitwear and film, rubber, foam, etc. Besides, it is used to accurately measure the thickness of various fabric, leather, carpet, paper and other sheet products. The portable thickness gauge has the characteristics of simple operation, direct reading, convenient carrying, wide application and so on .
2.The pressure and the diameter of the presser foot are different depending on the object being measured. In order to meet the determination of the various specifications of the test object, the instrument uses an adjustable presser foot and pressure weight.
3.The instrument has two models.
4.Instrument type is widely used in woven fabrics, knitted fabric thickness , which can also be applied to nonwovens, geotextiles and carpets, coating fabric thickness.

 ASTM D1777 Standard test method for thickness of textile materials 
GB/T 3820 Determination of thickness of textiles and textile products
ISO 5084 Textiles-Determination of thickness of woven and knitted fabrics (other than textile floor coverings)
JIS L1096 Testing methods for woven and knitted fabrics
Technical Parameters
Presser foot diameter (mm) Weights weight
Measurement range
28.7 272.9 4.14 25
46.1 0.7 50
499.6 7.58 100
9.5 169 23.4 -
6.3 546 172 -
50.5 204 1or 0.1 -
11.28 10
79.8 1000 2 -

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