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G001 Single Perspective Function Tester

G001 Single Perspective Function Tester

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One-way perspective curtains are special curtains with high reflectivity for visible light. They are usually used in home bedrooms, toilets, large  conference rooms and other places where privacy is required.
When the outdoor is bright than the indoor, the one-way perspective curtains can let the outdoor not see the indoor scene, but the room can see the outdoor scenery, its clarity depends on the intensity of outdoor illumination.
One way perspective testing device uses the illumination difference inside and outside of the test box to simulate the indoor lighting and sunlight on both sides of the window to test the performance of the one-way perspective fabric.
In the test, the standard vision chart is put into the test box, and the top incandescent lamp is adjusted so as to achieve the specified illumination of the surface;
The sample is suspended at the opening of the test box to adjust the brightness of the lateral projection light, and When the observer is unable to recognize the visual acuity values from the outside, the lowest illumination is the value of the sample.
The lower the results , the better the anti-glare properties of the material.
 Adjustable light source remote control,Cast light, Sample suspension mode
Technical Parameters

Items Parameter
Perspective box body dimension 50cmx50cmx100cm
Hole dimension 50cmx50cm
Cover opening  of rear band dimension 25cmx25cm
Height of projection lamp holder 50-200cm adjustable
Transparent light illumination adjustment range 0-10000lx
Handheld photoelectric illumination measuring range 0.0-200000lx(Divided into four ranges)
Handheld photoelectric illumination display accuracy 0.1lx,Accuracy±3%RD,±0.5%FS;Repeatability:±2%
Photoreceptor Photodiode with filter lens

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