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Dry Cleaning & Washing Cylinder

Dry Cleaning & Washing Cylinder

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The dry cleaning and washing cylinder consists of a stainless steel rotary test chamber and a multi-speed drive with a digital timer.
It is used to test the color fastness for the dry cleaning and chlorine water washing fabrics.
 Dry cleaning and washing cylinder is designed to determine the color fastness for the dry cleaning and chlorinated pool water, with the aim to prepare samples for flammability testing.
 AATCC 162   Colorfastness to water: Chlorinated pool.
16CFR PART 1610  Standard for the flammability of clothing textiles.

 ● Clean the dry cleaning cylinder

● prepare the hardness concentrates according to the relevant standards.
● 51 ml of the hardness concentrate was diluted to 5100 ml with distilled or deionized    water.
● If necessary, adjust the pH of the solution to 7.0 with sodium carbonate or acetic acid.
● 5000 ml of the solution (made in the above 3) was charged into a dry-cleaning cylinder. The temperature was adjusted to 21 ° C.
● Put the color test sample with the standard test fiber into the cylinder, turn off the barrel, and roll for 60 minutes.
● Get out the sample and remove the excess solution.

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Dimension 72L X 49W X 62H (cm)
Structure Stainless steel
Surface treatment Wiredrawing treatment
Transport weight 80kg
Power supply 220V  50HZ  max.0.05A


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