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High Efficiency Filter Test Bench

High Efficiency Filter Test Bench

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The high efficiency filter test bench is in accord  with the relevant domestic and international standards and norms: European standard EN1822, American standard IEST-PR.CC021, GB16166 and other design and manufacture, for the detection of filtration efficiency and filtration resistance.
1) Fan power part
2) Medium, high effect filtration and aerosol atomization part
3) Evenly-flow conveying part
4) Mounting the sealing portion of the filter under test
5) Scan detection part, with 5 SX-L310 dust particle counter (28.3L / min, the lower diameter of 0.3um)
6) Electrical control and data processing part, liquid crystal display computer (one) 
Technical Parameters
 1) Aerosol: DEHS (0.3um ~ 0.5um concentration ≥70%); polydisperse:1 * 1010 / cm3
2) Scanning speed: ≤ 5cm / s (adjustable)
3) Sample flow rate: 28.3L / min ± 5%
4) Upstream dilution multiple: 50-100 times
5) Measurable filtration efficiency range: ≤ 99.995%
6) Measurable resistance range: 0 ~ 500Pa
7) Measured wind speed uniformity: ≤ 10%
8) Detection coverage: 100%
9) Output air volume: 300-3000m3 / h ± 5%
10) Body: 3500 (L) x 1700 (W) x 2700 (H)
Heat generated aerosol generator: 1000 (L) x 4700 (W) x 750 (H)
Electric control cabinet: 610 (L) × 610 (W) × 1560 (H)  Unit: mm
11) Supply voltage: single-phase AC 220 ± 5%; three-phase AC 380 ± 5%
12) Power supply frequency: 50Hz ± 2Hz
13) Power consumption: about 7KW
14) Detection filter size range: 320 * 320-1260 * 630 (can be customized); Thickness range: 50 ~ 300 Unit: mm 
1) Detection of filtration efficiency
2) Detection of filtration resistance
3) Scan leak detection
4) Can be connected with the
     production stream line 

1 ) Horizontal installation of the under test filter, from top to bottom supply air, sampling probe close to the outlet of the filter (≤ 50mm apart), horizontal scanning;
2) Adopting pneumatic way to install and seal the under test filter, simple, fast and reliable;
3) Upstream concentration test configuration bypass valve dilution, dilution rate large, reliable and stable;
4) 4 sets of sampling head, equipped with four large flow of laser particle counter, to achieve a one-time X-ray scan, detection time is short;
5) Intelligent data monitoring system software, scanning detection process directly through the computer LCD display response, data processing, test results automatically print, print paper for single-sided offset paper can be directly attached to the measured filter to achieve 
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