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Mercury Lamp Insolation Aging Tester

Mercury Lamp Insolation Aging Tester

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Mercury lamp insolation aging tester includes light bulb, test chamber, sample clip, cutting template, centering device, timer, lamp controller, blackboard thermometer. Standard 500W light source or 400W light source. It’s full compliance with BS 1006 UK / TN test standard.
 Mercury lamp insolation aging tester is used to determine the light fastness resistant for various types of textiles and leathers under the mercury lamp simulation of sunlight.
 ◆ Assessment of color fastness to light.
◆ Improve quality control.
◆ Reduce production costs.
◆ Efficient and durable lamp.
◆ Simple operation.
◆ High stability and repeatability.
 BS 1006 UK/TN Colour fastness of textiles and leather
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