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Respiratory Resistance Tester

Respiratory Resistance Tester

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Respiratory Resistance Tester Introduction:

The respiratory resistance tester is used to determine the inspiratory and expiratory resistance of respirator and mask protective equipment under specified conditions. It applies to do the relevant detection and inspection for the national labor protection equipment inspection agencies, masks manufacturers of ordinary masks, dust masks, medical masks, and anti-haze masks products.

GB 19083, 
GB 2626, 
GB/T 32610, 
42 CFR Part 84
JIS/T 8151 
EN 149, 
EN 12941, 
EN 14594, 
NFPA 1972

Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester Technical Parameters:
1. The instrument consists of an air source that can adjust the flow rate, a human head mold specified in the standard, two intubation systems for inhalation and exhalation, and a respiratory resistance measurement system.
2. The flow sensor has high sensitivity and has a very small starting flow.
3. The flow sensor chip uses a thermal mass flow meter, which does not require temperature and pressure compensation, ensuring high-precision measurement of the sensor. The range of the flow meter is 0 L / min ~ 100L / min, and the accuracy is ± 2%.
4. Multiple sensors are integrated on a single flow sensor chip, which greatly improves the range ratio of the sensor.
5. The zero point stability of the flow sensor is high, with full range and high stability, high accuracy with full range and excellent repeatability, low power consumption, low pressure loss and fast response speed.
6. The data logger adopts a graphic dot matrix LCD with a resolution of 128 × 64 and a full Chinese interface, which is easy to operate.
7. There is 4M memory in the data logger for measurement value recording.
8. The micromanometer sensor uses a two-wire system, with high accuracy and good stability; it is safe and reliable to use an explosion-proof design.
9. The range and zero point of the micromanometer sensor are continuously adjustable, the damping is adjustable, there is no mechanical moving part, and the maintenance workload is small. The micro-pressure measurement range is -1000Pa to 1000Pa, and the accuracy is 1Pa.
10. The whole instrument adopts special gas path conversion elements, which ensures the convenient and fast conversion of the two-pipe system of exhalation and inhalation.
11.The suction volume of the suction pump is not less than 40L / min ~ 100L / min
12. Ventilation volume is constant at (85 ± 1) L / min
13. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Respiratory Resistance Test machine Feature:

▶The instrument consists of gas source that can regulates the flow, standard specifies of small human head mold, inspiratory and expiratory line system, a respiratory resistance measurement system, and so on.
Flow sensor has high sensitivity and minimal start flow. Flow
     sensor chip uses thermal mass flowmeter, no temperature and
     pressure compensation to ensure the sensor's high-precision measurement.
 Multiple sensors are integrated on a single flow sensor chip, resulting in the sensor range greatly improved.
The zero stability of the flow sensor is high, with full range of high stability, with full range of high accuracy and excellent in repeatability, with low power consumption, low voltage loss and fast response characteristics.
 Data recorder uses graphics dot matrix LCD with resolution of 128 × 64, entire Chinese interface, easy to operate.
 There are 4M memory in the data recorder for record the measured value.
Micro-pressure gauge sensor adopts two-wire system, has high precision, good stability; And adopts anti-explosion design for safe and reliable.
 Micro-pressure gauge sensor range, zero external continuously to adjustable, damping adjustable, no mechanical moving parts, less maintenance work.
Adopting special air-switching components to ensure that the two sets of inspiratory and expiratory piping system replacement is quick and easy.
Digital show the respiratory resistance, with zero calibration, accuracy calibration and over-range alarm function.
Equipped with a silent air compressor and air filter to ensure that the test environment is quiet and tidy.
Meeting with the latest national standards, compatible with labor and daily protective masks. 

Respiratory Breath Resistance Test Machine Maintenance:
1. Do not carry it by the bottom of the control box during transportation to avoid being crushed.
2. Please wipe the electroplated part with oil to prevent rust and keep bright.
3. After the test, please wipe the machine clean, and regularly oil the active fulcrum to increase its service life and sensitivity. (The lubricating oil can be mixed with butter and a little engine oil)
4. Please wipe the panel (control box or display) with a dry cloth to prevent it from getting wet, so as not to damage the IC electronic parts.
5 Please place all fixtures and joint accessories properly, and wipe off the anti-rust oil to prevent rust.
6 After the machine is transported and placed, the foundation and the level must be fixed steadily.
7. Please input power as indicated. (Note that the phase of the input power supply must be correct, otherwise leakage will occur)
8 Ground wire Please perform ground output according to specifications to avoid danger of leakage and signal interference.
9 Do not pull out the plug during work.
10 Please operate and maintain by professional personnel. In case of major problems, please inform our maintenance department to dispatch personnel to handle it. Do not dismantle parts by yourself to avoid causing major losses.
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