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Building Combustion Performance Testing machine

Building Combustion Performance Testing machine

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Building combustion performance tester is mainly used to test the fire resistance of building materials and their components. It’s suitable for building sheet, sheet, composite materials, assembly materials, surface covering materials, insulation materials, coatings, decorative materials, curtains, ceiling suspension materials, flame retardants, foam fire retardant coatings, pipes and accessories.
1. DIN 4102(B1) Classification of building materials requirements and testing(B1)
2. DIN 4102-15 Fire behavior of building materials and elements “Brandschacht”
● Building combustion performance tester , 1set
● Fire test frame, 1set
● Methane combustion gas, 1 tank
● Testing software, 1set
● notebook computer, 1 set
● Printer, 1set
● Standard Brandschacht burning chamber.
● Air stabilizer ensures stable airflow in the combustion chamber.
● PID intelligent temperature control recorder displays the multi-channel continuous temperature curve.
● T-type pressure test tube, connecting precision differential pressure sensor
● Boot warm-up function, automatically heat to 50 ± 1 ℃.
● Test software automatically read and save data.
● The optional combustion flue gas purification system, safety and environmental protection.
Technical  Parameters
Items Parameters
Combustion chamber steel plate 1.5mm
Ceramic fiber insulation 6mm
Asbestos fiber layer Double layer 40mm
Heat resistance temperature At least 1000℃
Outer dimension of combustion chamber 1020×1020×3930mm
Interior combustion chamber dimension 800×800×2000mm
Interior diameter of  burner nozzle 3.5mm
Outer diameter of burner 4.5mm
Distance from burner to furnace bottom 1000mm
Angle steel sample support 380×380×1000mm
Rectangular flue 500mm
Adjustable flow range of compressed air and methane combustion gas 4.5-45l/min
Standard diameter, 5 sets of nickel thermocouple 3mm
Accuracy of temperature recorder 1℃
Interior diameter of T-type pressure test tube 10mm
Test range of differential pressure 0-30Pa
Wind velocity control system Ensure the constant temperature cross flow: 23±2℃, 10±1m3/min
Timer 0-99.9s/min/h
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