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Building Combustion Performance Tester

Building Combustion Performance Tester

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Building combustion performance tester is mainly used to determine the fire resistance of the building materials and their components. It’s suitable for building sheet, composite materials, assembly materials, surface covering materials, insulation materials, coatings, decorative materials, curtains, ceiling suspension Materials, flame retardants, foaming fire retardants, pipes and fittings, etc. This tester determines the material flammability by directly using small flame in the vertical arrangement without additional heat radiation.
1. DIN 4102(B2) Classification of building materials requirements and testing (B2)
2. DIN 4102-15 Fire behavior of building materials and elements “Brandschacht”
Technical  Parameters

Items Parameters
Burner Propane burner, can be lit vertically or 45 degrees
Combustion flame height 20mm,  adjustable
Timer precision 0-99.99s/min/h, display precision: 0.01s

● Building combustion performance tester, 1 set
● Calibrate anemometer, 1 set
● Timer, 1 set
● Two kinds of samples clamps, 2 in total
 Full mirror stainless steel box.
 Double tempered glass window easy for  the observation of the test process.
 Propane burner can be lit vertically or 45 degrees.
 Precision rotor flowmeter  controls the gas flow.
 U-type stainless steel frame sample holder, can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
 Equipped with the flame measuring device.
 Square box body vent.
 Optional combustion flue purification system, safety and environmental protection.

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