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Programmable Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Programmable Temperature and Humidity Chamber

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· This device can be used to measure high temperature, low temperature, thermal-cold cycling, constant temperature and humidity, rapid temperature change, and alternate change between high and low temperature.
· Temperature rise and fall, humidification and dehumidification can be controlled separately. Hence, the efficiency of the device is improved to save over 20% electricity, lower the breakdown rate, prolong the service life span and decrease the test cost.
· The touch setting mode is controlled by microprocessor with 12 sets of P.I.D automatic calculation function, which controls the temperature and humidity more precisely.
· The deviation of temperature and humidity can be revised by programming.
· When breakdown occurs to the temperature probe, it can be  automatically detected.
· Automatic water circulation or water supplement.
 · TFT、LCD color screen
· USB interface
· Nitrogen welding in the whole process
· Load calorific value up to 800℃
· Compressor vibration and noise is eliminated through a special vibration-absorbing material.
· Double protection against over-temperature empty burning.
· Superconducting evaporator film treatment, can improve the efficiency of 10%.
· The binary refrigeration system uses plate-type heat exchange.
· Stainless steel single shaft fan motor
· Test stand stainless steel passivation treatment does not produce electrochemical corrosion
· Servo refrigerant servo valve drive.
· System-wide compressor three-year warranty.
·  Sweden original longevity ultrasonic humidifier, energy saving and environmental protection.
Technical Parameter
Model TMJ-9712A TMJ-9712B TMJ-9712C
Internal dimension (WxDxH)mm 400x400x500 500x500x600 1000x800x1000
External dimension (WxDxH )mm 1050x700x1360 1160x800x1460 1650x1100x1860
Temperature range -30℃~100℃ -40℃~150℃ (-70℃~200℃)
Humidity range 10%~98%RH at 10℃~85℃
Accuracy Indication Temperature ±0.3℃  Humidity±2.5%RH
Uniformity Temperature±0.5℃   Humidity±3.0%RH
Control system Programmable temperature and humidity
Power consumption 220V single phase 220V single phase 220V 3Φ 4W 380V 3Φ 5W
Option Temperature recorder 6 points

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