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DT-3500 Multi Pass Test Stand

DT-3500 Multi Pass Test Stand

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The instrument is a key test equipment that has been certified several times (conforming to the ISO standard verification procedure). The filtration efficiency (filtration accuracy), impurity storage capacity (storage capacity, service life) and flow pressure drop characteristics of the oil filter were evaluated by the on-line particle counting method.
Test items:                                                          Test object:
Filtration efficiency (filtration accuracy)           Fuel Filter
Impurity storage capacity (pollution                  Hydraulic filter
capacity, service life)                                          Oil filter material
Flow pressure drop characteristics                     Oil filter
 ISO 19438-2007 Diesel fuel and petrol filters for internal combustion engines -- Filtration efficiency using particle counting and contaminant retention capacity
ISO 19438-2007 Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines - Part 12: Filtration efficiency using particle counting, and contaminant retention capacity
ISO 16889-2008 Hydraulic fluid power -- Filters -- Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance of a filter element.

  ◆ The test bench adopts the automatic control, which can display the main test technical parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature, filtration efficiency and flow pressure drop in real time during the experiment. The test report can be automatically generated after the test and printed according to the need.
◆ The test bench can monitor the test data during the experiment, and make the alarm and prompt function. The design of the corresponding security measures, can guarantee the safe and stable operation of the test bench.
◆ The test bench shell is made of aluminum alloy, the panel is made of stainless steel, the word adopts wax word, and the connecting pipe adopts seamless stainless steel tube.
◆ Note: The above parameters can be designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of customers.

 · New product development.
· Comparison with foreign product performance data.
· Product quality control.
· Third party testing, supervision agency.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Test flow Test flow 1L / min - 300L / min test cycle system flow segment division
Flow rate of small flow section  1L / min - 6L / min
Note: The oil filter material system borrows this flow section.
Flow rate of medium flow section 6L / min - 40L / min
Flow rate of large flow section 40L / min - 300L / min
Sewage injection flow 50ml / min - 300 ml / min
Online dilution system dilution ratio 1:5 ~10
Test cycle, sewage mixing system temperature 40℃±1℃
Online Particle Counting System Particle Counter Upstream and downstream of the 16 channels
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