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Filter Dust Holding Capacity Test Bench

Filter Dust Holding Capacity Test Bench

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The filter dust holding capacity test bench is suitable for testing H10-U17 grade filter dust holding capacity test.
According to the relevant standards, sampling aerosol generator produce a high concentration of aerosol, evenly sprayed on the filter, until the resistance rose to twice of the initial resistance, remove and weigh, to determine whether the filter dust holding capacity to meet the requirements.
 ·JG/T22-1999 Methods for testing the performance of air filters used in general ventilation
·ANSI/ASHRAE52.1-1992 Gravimetric and Dust Spot Procedures for Testing Air-Cleaning Devices Used in General Ventilation for Removing Particulate Matter
·EN779:2002 Particulate air filters for general ventilation - determination of the filtration performance
·JISB9908: 2001 Test method of air filter units for ventilation and electric air cleaners for ventilation 
 · Oily aerosol generator
· Stainless steel mixing bucket
· High-precision imported flowmeter
· High performance import vacuum pump
· High precision imported differential pressure sensor
· Well-known brand PLC + touch screen
 · This product is for dust holding capacity test.
· The core components of products is vacuum pump, flow meters and differential pressure sensors, etc., which use high-precision imported devices, have more stable performance.
Technical Parameters
 · Aerosol type: PAO or DEHS
· Mass median diameter: 0.33 μm, quantity median diameter: 0.20 μm
· Aerosol concentration: 50 ~ 200mg / m3
· Flow setting: 32L / min
· Test filter area: 100cm2
 · Equipment size: 800 * 650 * 1800mm
· Differential pressure measurement range: 0 ~ 1000Pa
· Operating mode: manual, automatic
· Operation complete prompt function
· Power supply: 220V 50Hz
· Power: 400W
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