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Filter Test Bench

Filter Test Bench

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Filter test bench is a kind of automobile filter device according to the standard ISO-5011. It conducts the effective testing for filter pressure, dust capacity, weight efficiency and classification efficiency.
Test Index
1. Differential pressure test under different flow rates.
2. Dust capacity test.
3. Weight efficiency test.
4. Grading efficiency test (extra function).
5. Water separation performance test (extra function).
1. SAG-420 dust aerosol generator with hood , in accordance with ISO standards.
The durable nozzle allows the operator to control the flow quality on line.
2. Differential  pressure test unit.
3. Absolute filter cover for pocket type filter.
4. The balance with the data conversion weights the samples of absolute filter and measured
5. Differential pressure sensors, air flow sensors and temperature and humidity sensors.
6. Large flow blowers controlled by frequency converters and throttle valves.

Functional Test 
● Differential test
● Weight efficiency
● Grading efficiency

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Air flow 0.5m³/min~20m³/min (side duct fan) or 50m³/min (radial blower)
Differential pressure The test sample, max 150hPa
Optional dust ISO 12103-A2 (Fine),  ISO 12103-A4 (Coarse), soot
Compressed air 6bar
Power 400VAC, 63A

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