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Filter Particle Counting Method Test Stand

Filter Particle Counting Method Test Stand

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The test stand is designed according to ISO/DIS19713 Road vehicles - Inlet air cleaning equipment for internal combustion engines and compressors - Part 1: Fractional efficiency test. This filter particle counting method test stand is able to test the fractional efficiency of fine particles sized from 0.3μm-5μm and extended to 10μm. The particle size is subdivided into 0.3μm-0.5μm,0.5μm-1μm,1μm-3μm,3μm-5μm,5μm-10μm,≥10μm.
The design of the this test stand also takes relevant reference from American national ventilation filters standard ASHRAE52.2-1999, EN779-2002, and ISO19713
 · Inlet air processing chamber
· KCL aerosol feeding section
· Up and down stream particle counting section
· Specimen clamping section
· Test flow section
· Electrical control section
Technical Parameters
Item Parameters
Test flow range 60-2300m3/h
Test flow error ≤±5%
Test flow repeatability deviation ≤±10%
KCL aerosol concentration stability ≤±12%(0.3-0.5μm),≤±20%(0.5-10μm)
Stability of dust concentration used for dust holding capacity test ≤±5%
Fractional efficiency and pressure drop test repeatability ≤±5%
Power consumption 5kw  (excluding water ring pump)
Covering area 15000mm*4500*3000mm(L*W*H)(excluding ventilator room)

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