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Filter Mesh Test Stand

Filter Mesh Test Stand

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Filter mesh test stand is based on relevant standards and specification to test quality control factors: pipe leakage, dust generation, flow test, resistance test, the change of different filters, flow control.
 · Power section
· Aerosol generator section
  The aerosol generator can consecutive produce stable DEHS particles (particle size range 0.3-3μm) .
· Particle counter section
  The sampling flow of the particle counter is 2.83L/min. The particle counter is specially suitable for particle size 0.3μm-10μm.
· Fixture and structure section
    The pipeline is made of 305 stainless steel, anticorrosion and antirust, with consideration  of convenient pipeline replacement ( when testing different size of filters).
· Flow monitoring section: Using V cone flowmeter for flow detection.
· Differential pressure monitoring section:
Using imported DWYER electronic differential pressure transducer for pressure measurement.
· Flow control section
   Electric control valve to automatically regulate the flow
· Data processing:
   Including PLC, software and electric control
 ISO 11155 Road vehicles - Air filters for passenger compartments - Part 2: Test for gaseous filtration
QC/T 795-1:2007 Road vehicles - Air filters for passenger compartments - Part 1: Dust filtration test.
Technical Parameters
Item Parameters
Basic Parameter Power supply Three phase AC, 380V±5%   50Hz±2Hz ,5.5kw
Condensed air 4-8kg/cm2
Dust source DEHS
Anti-electric shock Rate Grade I
Environment condition Temperature 15-25 ℃
Relative humidity ≤75%RH
Air pressure 68kPa-106kPa
Flow Test range 150-600m³/h
Test accuracy ±5%
Test stability ±3%
Resistance Test range 0-250pa
Test accuracy 0-100pa,±5pa;>100pa ,±5%
Aerosol Uniformity ≤±15%
Particle counter calibration Calibrated in according to JIF 1190-2008 (particle counter calibration specification )
Repeatability of counting efficiency Efficiency lower than 40%, ≤±15%;
Efficiency higher than 40%, ≤±5%

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