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Simulated Human Body Underwear Tester

Simulated Human Body  Underwear Tester

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This tester simulates human condition. Installed eight force sensors in the main detection locations of the dummy model to detect the force on coat and skin that touch with the measured parts. The instrument provides nine test required force conditions. One of which will be measured in the body to change the size of the total force test, that is, the body expansion, body shrinkage. Of the remaining eight parts, they are the micro-tests on left waist, right upper shoulder, left hip, right intercostal space, left chest, right back, right chest. And among these eight ones, four have the telescopic features: left hip side, right intercostal space, left chest, right back. You can outstretch and retract the test points.
It can be used for the functional evaluation of garments that made of fabric. The research of the wear behavior and health effect after wearing clothing for a long time.
1. Multi-sensor technology, micro-force detection.
2. Use the analysis and evaluation software to record whole process by the data and different colors of the curve. High degree of intelligent analysis software, high precision of measurement and control, stable and reliable performance.
3. PC interface graphic display.
4. Simply  operation.
Technical  Parameters
Items Parameters
Force range of main sensor 0~10000cN, accuracy: 1%
Force range of micro sensor 0.00cN~200.00cN, accuracy: 0.03cN
Control range of clothing size 0~50mm
Power AC220V±10%  50Hz
Dimension 1446mm×400mm×248mm
Net weight 56kg

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